mission_png_883425 Mission
To provide high level child care and Education for Posterity at an affordable cost
vision Vision
To mould truly healthy, skilled, empowered and informed self-reliant citizens
values Core Values
Fear of God, Independence, Valuing and respecting others, Parenting and stewardship, Team work, love and care

Who we are.

  • All Saints Christian School is a licensed private mixed Day and Boarding Kindergarten and primary school.
  • The School is non-denominational treating all religions equally.
  • The school is governed by a School Management Committee which is elected by the founding director, parents, staff “both teaching and non-teaching” and the local council leadership. Although we are a Christian School, we are not sponsored and controlled by any church.
  • All Saints Christian School has managed to build learner friendly classrooms for our learners. At the moment, the available space can accommodate more than 1,500 pupils from Kindergarten  to Primary seven in classrooms of 40 pupils per classroom.
  • All Saints have more than twenty (20) self-motivated licensed teachers to provide students the best of education and 11 non-teaching staff.

Why we exist

Our main goal of existing is to provide quality and affordable education in Kampala and Uganda at Large.

At All Saints Christian School, we charge a fee that is 60% lower than our neighboring private schools all aimed at providing all children the opportunity to receive an education, progress and hopefully continue on to receive further training for a career.

Vacancies  Available, From Kindergarten up to P6