Ndarushinze Jude


Academic background,

Certified Public Accountant.

Work experience.

Office of the Auditor General,
Grant Thornton,CPA
 Management Accountant- Uganda Tea Corporation,
General ledger & Cost Accountant- Ultimate Security Uganda Ltd


Institute of certified public accountants,
Institute of corporate governance of uganda,

 LEADERSHIP Experience.

 Chairperson, Committee of Finance. Planning and Economic development, Kawempe Division (2006-2011)
Councillor, Kawempe Division Council (2006-2011)
Youth Chairperson, Local Council II – Kyebando Parish.


I was fortunate enough to grow up in the shadow of a man whose greatness was acknowledged not only in the heart of his family but in the eyes of a community. My father’s discipline and sense of responsibility instilled in us a desire, and perhaps even a need, to ensure that the spirit of Mr. Paulo Makura’s noble ambitions would live on after his untimely death. In 1987, Mr. Paulo established his first Kindergarten named; Holy Mother Nursery School that could not go beyond 1992. In 1998, he re-established another school named; Busanza Infants School that could not go beyond his 2000 after his expiry.

After reflecting on who my father had been, what he had represented, and what he had set out to achieve, I felt that establishing All Saints Christian School (ASCS) was a logical response. The formation of ASCS was the means chosen to commemorate this exceptional man in a way that befitted the example of his life. The task at first seemed daunting. How could I presume to fulfill the dreams of a giant? My father was concerned for the education of peoples everywhere, particularly the disadvantaged. He thought nationally at a time when many people focused on individual family issues.

All Saints Christian School tries to give substance to his vision of making the world a better place. I hope to reach a diversity of people and offer quality and affordable education to the urban poor. I take just one step at a time but are rewarded by the knowledge that I have embarked on a great journey.